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"To My Beloved"

Conjugal romance is the theme of this work. Does romance exist within a married couple?
Three years in to their marriage, a couple who are still very much in love with each other, has their idyllic lives turned upside down when the old flames of the couple re-enter to their lives. The story is about romance between a husband and wife, from its beginnings to the sad finale.
In his book To My Beloved, the scriptwriter Hisashi Nozawa explains, “If such a thing as conjugal romance actually exists, then where is its ultimate form? The main character, Nozomu Shimatani (Toshiro Yanagiba) finds the answer in the ending of the final episode. Even though, by then, it is too late.… Nozomu confesses to his dearest in front of him. This is the sad truth which I finally arrived at, upon completing writing this long drama.”

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