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Original Run:
10:00 p.m. ? 10:54 p.m.
Thursday October 19<
Thursday Theatre
"My Sweetheart"
Manae Yuki (29) : Honami Suzuki
Kohei Uzaki (32) : Goro Kishitani
Ryotaro Kono (35) : Koichi Sato
Shoko Ono (29) : Kyoka Suzuki
Tatsuhiko Maeda (19) : Tomoya Nagase
Kiriko Ichieda (25) : Junko Sakurai
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Script : Hisashi Nozawa
Music : David Foster
Theme Song : "To Love You More" by Celine Dion with Kryzler & Kompany (Epic Sony Records)
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Three hours before her wedding, Manae finds out about her husband’s betrayal. A woman who claimed to be Ryotaro’s ex-lover had turned up at Manae’s and slit her wrist.
Amidst despair and confusion, Manae meets a man who is also despairing about his marriage. A new romance blossoms, with just an hour to go before the wedding.
The man’s name was Kohei Uzaki. He too, came to know of his wife Shoko’s betrayal two hours before his own wedding. The child that his wife is carrying may not be his own… it was while he was despairing over this when he met Manae.
Each other’s presence aided the two to rescue each other from their current sorrow. They acknowledge everything and decided to go ahead with their marriages. Promising to meet up six months later on Kohei’s birthday, they went their separate ways.
Kohei, fully aware that he was in a pseudo family, tried his best to become happy. He lived just like a normal newly wed couple with his wife, Shoko, who also wished that the father of the child was Kohei. As days and months went by, Kohei came to think of Manae as if had been a dream.
Eventually, Kohei’s birthday arrives. Manae turns up. She had moved to the vacant space next door, and came to say hi, with a blinding smile on her face.
Kohei was not the only one who was astonished. Ryotaro who saw the pregnant Shoko, and Shoko who saw Ryotaro as next-door neighbor, were astonished as well. Indeed, Ryotaro and Shoko had been lovers in the past; and they could not forget about each other.
Manae and Kohei do not allow themselves to touch one another; instead, they strengthen their spiritual bond by exchanging letters post-office boxes. On the other hand, Ryotaro and Shoko are torn between peaceful homes and hot passionate love. It is during such times when Tatuhiko turns up, icily regarding his older counterparts’ inscrutable relationships and yet so vulnerable, seeking love from Manae.
No one knows what is right and what is wrong. Will the two couples who are across-the-fence neighbor ever find a true love? Following "To My Beloved" ('92), "What A Beautiful Life" ('93), and "Living This Love" ('94), the integration of Hisashi Nozawa’s "Husband And Wife Trilogy," "My Sweetheart" portrays the ultimate form of love.
The drama depicts neither unfaithful love nor does is rob anyone of their love. Manae loves Kohei from her heart and wished for his happiness. The bond between them is so strong, that even physical connection is beyond comparison. It is up to the viewers to witness Manae’s love. After you watch this heart-warming drama, you may even want to write a letter to your most significant person.


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