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TV Drama Series
Original Station:
Fuji Television Network
Original Run:
October 1998 ? December 1998
(Twelve 1-hour episodes televised weekly)
"A Sleeping Forest"
Miho Nakayama    
Takuya Kimura    
    And More
Script : Hisashi Nozawa
Planning : Chihiro Kameyama
Producer : Reiko Kita
Directors : Isamu Nakae
Kensaku Sawada
Production : Fuji Television
Software Production Center, Production Dept.
Division 1
    And More


A “forest” - a quiet and peaceful “forest” with birds twittering and the sun shining, and a “forest” that transforms itself into fearful darkness when thick clouds cover the sun. This two-faced nature of a forest gave birth to this story. Also the word “forest” is associated with a brain fast asleep or… memento.
This drama “A Sleeping Forest” appeals to us about the responsibility one has to take for one’s own path of life as well as the preciousness of life. “How harsh life may be, one must accept it and tolerate it. People grow up by overcoming the past. People around you can assist you or support you to some extent, but they cannot live your life in place of you. Whatever sinful crime you may have committed you must accept it and live your life as it is because you can’t begin it all over again from the beginning.” This is the theme, the story is advocating.
It is a mystery story portraying “the mechanism of the memory and the brain” which is the most mysterious thing.
The leading roles are played by Takuya Kimura and Miho Nakayama, the two starring together for the first time. Miyo Nakayama is playing the part of Minako Oba. Minako has been deprived of her family in a car accident but only has a vague memory of those days. However, prior to her marriage she discovers the letters of those days and ends up standing face to face with the past. On the other hand, Takuya Kimura is playing the role of Naoki Ito who is a lighting designer and a very mysterious man. For some reason he is after the suspect of the brutal family murder case of 15 years ago and  also knows about Minako’s past and present.

Minako who works at a botanical garden specializing in orchids is going to get married with her boyfriend Kiichiro 3 months from now. Although she herself has lost her memory of those days, she is the surviving second daughter of the family of a city council member that was brutally murdered 15 years ago. After the murder took place, the police arrested Kokufu who was the boyfriend of Kimiko, Minako’s sister. One day, Minako discovers the love letters received shortly after the murder and goes to “The Sleeping Forest” of her hometown. There she meets Naoki, a man full of mystery and one who knows about all her past and present.
What is Kokufu’s purpose of keeping an eye on Minako, escaping while on parole after being arrested as the suspect of the brutal murder?
Minako’s forgotten memories and her past, together with the truth of the brutal murder case are gradually brought to light.


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