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TV Drama Series
Original Station:
Fuji Television Network
Original Run:
9:00 p.m. Monday October 11, 1999
"The Inanimate World"
Eiki Hirokawa : Yutaka Takenouchi
Tohko Egi : Nanako Matsushima
Tsukiko Shono : Yuki Uchida
Shogo Sakota : Ken Kaneko
Nanami Sakota : Nana Katase
Satomi Ide : Reiko Matsuo
Masako Ujyo : Tomoko Nakajima
Koichi Hisamatsu : Mitsuhiro Oikawa
Takeshi Ujyo : Toru Nakamura
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Script : Hisashi Nozawa
Producer : Reiko Kita
Directors : Michio Mitsuno
Daisuke Tajima
Theme Song : "Diamond Dust" by Kyosuke Himuro (Polydor Records)
Music : Original Soundtrack (Ponycanyon) by Taro Iwashiro
Production : Fuji Television Divition 1
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"Take my life as a proof of my love…"
Eiki Hirokawa (Yutaka Takenouchi), who works for an insurance investigation division of a foreign-affiliated company, has been headhunted from a major insurance company.He has a special talent for identifying moral risks (insurance fraud). Yet he himself is morally struggling against the discrepancy of compensating "human life" with money.

An incident happened to a family that was insured after Eiki's investigation.
Since the insurance premium as well as the insured amount was trifle, Eiki didn't entertain any particular doubt about the case, but the mother was arrested for trying to defraud insurance money in exchange of her schoolchild in order to pay off her dept. The mother poured burning oil on her real daughter planning to kill her. The girl's life was saved but she was severely burnt. Yet, the girl begged Eiki saying "It was my fault, so please pay my mother the insurance money. My mother needs that money in order for her to be happy."
This incident becomes a turning point for Eiki. Hereafter, he makes a deep dive into the world of darkness.
While suffering from remorse and disgust, Eiki proceeds with his next investigation.
An investigation concerning a death insurance benefit for Sonoe Ikenaga (Tae Kimura), a teacher of Eiwa Jyogakukan girls' school located in the suburb of Tokyo, who fell from a building by accident.
Around the same time, a letter is sent to Machida Minami Police Station. It says "The death of Sonoe Ikenaga, the teacher of Eiwa Jyogakukan was a murder and the suspect is someone within the school." It was Takeshi Ujyo (Toru Nakamura), chief of criminal investigation section and a career official, who overreacted to this letter. His career was sidetracked and his relationship with his wife has gone cold, too. He planned to device measures for recovery, in order to return to the police headquarter, by taking advantage of this case which did not appear to be a simple accident.
Eiki's girlfriend and a Traffic Section police officer Tsukiko Shono (Yuki Uchida) learned about the letter, and took the risk of violating her duty and provided Eiki with inside information.
She didn't mind about the part of herself who chooses to be a woman rather than a police officer.
As Eiki proceeds with his investigation, thanks to Tsukiko's support, he finds out that a young businessman Koichi Hisamatsu (Mitsuhiro Oikawa) died an unnatural death.
Koichi is the fiance of Tohko Egi (Nanako Matsushima), an earth science teacher and colleague of Sonoe Ikenaga. What's more, he died around the same time as Sonoe.
Eiki sneaks up on Tohko in order to search for the weapon that lurks in her heart.
Meanwhile, there is another man comes to Tokyo from Kanazawa. His name is Shogo Sakota (Ken Kaneko), a close friend of Tohko since their university years and who knows Koichi Hisamatsu very well. Why did he come to Tokyo? May be because of his love and hatred for Tohko…?
Though harboring suspicion against Tohko, Eiki is utterly infatuated with her.
With a suspicious attractiveness, a woman named Tohko is cool who and never expresses her emotion outwardly.
What kind of mystery is there hidden behind her ice-cold smile?
Eiki, Ujyo a police detective, Shogo a close friend of her from her hometown… men who are after Tohko to find out the truth, her hidden past. Yet, the more they pursue after her, the more mysterious her past becomes.
Men who have fallen in love with her have disappeared from this world one after the other. Is it by coincident? Have they been killed for money?
Or is she a fearfully malicious woman…?
Can the dead men of the past ever disclose the truth?
What is the true story of Tohko who is after someone, searching for something while she herself is pursued after…?
What kind of love does Eiki choose after all…?


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