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Kimiko Udo works for the Metropolitan Police Department, First Criminal Investigation Division, Special Investigation Unit. Ever since she lost her husband, who was also a police officer died on duty in an accident, she lives with her only son Takayuki.
Meanwhile, after leaving her job as a teacher due to her misconduct, Tomoe Sawamatsu works at a night club. She meets a smuggling broker Gray Wong who offers her a position in an organ trade business. She takes the offer and masterminds child kidnappings with two of her former students.
Kimiko now works on the serial child kidnapping case and is assigned to “victim care,” answering the calls from the kidnapper for victim’s family like Kasumi Narusaki, who is the mother of the victim. However, she involves herself to this case as a mother instead of a police officer when her son is kidnapped. In order to rescue her child, she antagonizes not only the kidnappers but also the 40,000 officers of the Metropolitan Police Department…
This master piece of mystery ends with a terrifying finale that no one dared to expect.


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