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"My Sweetheart"


The day before the wedding…At a hotel room, Ae-young (actress Yoon Sohn-ha) is waiting for her fiance Hyun-suk (actor Kim Hyung-chul) who she will be marrying the next day. All of the sudden, another woman appears in the room and claims to be Hyun-suk’s lover and threatens her that she will take her own life if she doesn’t call off the marriage. Ae-young eventually takes the deranged woman to the hospital. Same hotel, different room…Dong-woo and Jae-in are also waiting to get married the next day. Dong-woo is taking care of Jae-in who is experiencing morning sickness. He is happy to be caring for her and their future child that she will give birth to. But Jae-in reveals a shocking confession that the baby might not be his. Jae-in vows to only love Dong-woo for the rest of her life, if he can promise to love the child regardless of who the father is. Dong-woo and Ae-young both leave their hotel rooms at the same time to walk along the pond to try to deal with each of their disturbing problems. The two meet and grow annoyed with each other because of the desire to be alone, but suddenly, both fall into the pond together. For a split second, they act like children and share a laugh. That is how Dong-woo and Ae-young have their first encounter. Dong-woo and Ae-young contemplate about breaking up with their partners but eventually conclude that they must carry on with their weddings. They go their separate ways with the promise to meet six months later to see if they are living happily or not. Six months later. Don-woo does not hear any word Ae-young. He is married with his now very pregnant wife, Jae-in. On the morning of Dong-woo’s birthday, a couple moves in next door. It is none other than Ae-young and Hyun-suk. From that day on, Dong-woo and Ae-young console each other and begin a secret romance together.


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