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Special TV Dramas
Original Station:
Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Original Run:
9:25 p.m. to 10:54 p.m.
Thursday, October 10
Thursday Golden Drama
"Consequences of a Dream"
A married man dies unexpectedly.
As the suspect couple punches out the cost of the final settlement on their calculator…
Maiko Ichikura (39) : Ruriko Asaoka
Yusuke Ejima (30) : Morio Kazama
Yumi Yashiro (27) : Midori Yamamoto
Shiho Kawamura (24) : Mako Toyoda
Takuro Sanai (43) : Yuzo Kawatani
Yasuko Sakurai (39) : Yumiko Fujita
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Script : Hisahi Nozawa
Producers : Yasuo Tsuruhashi
Ken Dosogami(Tinderbox)
Director : Yasuo Tsuruhashi (Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation)
Music : Koichi Sakata
Production : Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation Tinderbox
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Morio Kazama plays a man whose entire life is a lie. His character woos women with his smooth talk, fancies himself as a young entrepreneur and in order to get his hands on cash, he does not think twice about murdering his wife for the insurance money.
An exhibitionistic, pathological liar who plays a young entrepreneur, this man and a woman who is fed up of life due to her obesity are the main characters of this story. The drama portrays with a light touch how the two of them become partners in crime ? killing for insurance money ? and how they lived their lives to excess, just like Bonnie and Clyde were passionate about bank robberies in their self-titled film.

Ruriko Asaoka and Morio Kazama co-star for the first time, creating an unusual story of the fragile dream of a couple attracted to murdering for insurance money. Asaoka has nothing but praise for Kazama, commenting "I have always longed to work with him, and with this work my wish has come true. Mr. Kazama has good sense of timing. It is quite remarkable to meet someone who is so enthusiastic about his work" to which Kazama replies,"I have been a huge fan of Ms. Asaoka since "Love in Ginza" (1962). I didn’t want to be a nuisance to someone of such a high caliber, so I was nervous about whether I could do things properly. However, Ms. Asaoka was very tolerant with me and she would often take the lead." They got on like a house on fire and the exquisite duo must be seen to be believed.
For Asaoka, this is the eleventh work she has teamed up with the director Yasuo Tsuruhashi, ever since her first appearance in his "The Woman in the Brand-New Car" (1976).

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