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Special TV Dramas
Original Run:
9:02 p.m. to 10:54 p.m.
Thursday, December 12
Thursday Golden Drama
"The House of the Wind"
A housewife leaves her family for loveā€¦.
and creates hell for her lover!
Asako Iwasaki : Ayumi Ishida
Hiroyuki Itami : Kaoru Kobayashi
Kunihiko Iwasaki : Leo Morimoto
Reiko Itami : Mieko Harada
Kirishima : Mizuho Suzuki
Annie : Sabina Andrew
Yuya Iwasaki : Taizo Uemura
Yuko Itami : Chihiro Sasaki
Aki Itami : Yuko Sato
Asako's mother : Akiko Endo
Annie's child : Babel B. Salvatore
Annie's child : Ubeu Anastacio
Annie's child : L.B.Tehar
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Original : Yoko Mori "The House of the Wind" (Bungeishunju Ltd.)
Script : Hisahi Nozawa
Producer : Tomoko Kohashi
Director : Yasuo Tsuruhashi
Music : Reijiro Koroku
Production : Yomiuri TV
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Dramatization of Yoko Mori's novel of the same title, this drama sensitively depicts the bleak and ultimate form of love of a woman who abandons her family. Seventy percent of the drama was shot on location in the Republic of Palau. The crew gained full access for shooting, often caught in sudden showers during their seven-day stay.
Amongst the cast, Palau native Sabina Andrew performed favorably as native Annie. Sabina and other young members of the cast who played Annie's children were all chosen from an audition held at Palau.
Ayumi Ishida said of Director Yasuo Tsuruhashi that "To work alongside him has been my dream come true" It was her first visit to Palau, and Ishida wore extensive clothing to protect her from the sun, saying "I don't want to get a tan." Nevertheless she played the part of Asako energetically. As Ishida says, "the wind of Palau and the air enables Asako to live freely."

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