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Original Station:
Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Original Run:
9:03 p.m. to 10:52 p.m.
Thursday, April 19
Thursday Golden Drama
10th Anniversary Special Part 3
"Megumi's World" Breached Privacy
The Truth and Lies of Hiroko Egami
Hiroko Egami : Shinobu Otake
Koshi Mimura : Koji Yakusho
Tadahito Obayashi : Nenji Kobayashi
Horiuchi Chief Editor : Shuichiro Moriyama
Noda Deputy Chief Editor : Ittoku Kishibe
Kuriyama City News Assistant Manager : Bengal
Keizo Nishiyama : Seijun Okabe
Reiko Mimura : Terumi Niki
Masako Obayashi : Misa Kadoya
Masaki Yoshino : Mansaku Fuwa
Shohei Egami : Leo Morimoto
Megumi : Misato Tate
Megumi's mother : Ginpuncho
Megumi's father : Leo Morimoto (dual role)
15-year-old Hiroko : Misato Tate (dual role)
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Script : Hisahi Nozawa
Producers : Tomoko Kobashi
Taki Ando
Director : Yasuo Tsuruhashi
Music : Haruhiko Marutani
Production : Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Telepack Co., Ltd.
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This drama portrays the problems facing the modern mass media by simulating a true story of the U.S.A. in Japan. Shinobu Otake is back after a long break away from the series.
Hiroko Egami is a single woman who works as a journalist covering the city news at an urban newspaper publisher. Shinobu Otake takes the role of Hiroko and performs the life of a woman who is burdened with a dark past.
Exhausted and impatient after chasing up one scoop after another, Hiroko decides to play her trump card; she writes about the tragic experience of a young girl called Megumi in a regular column "The Solitude in the City." Titled "The World of Megumi," the story receives high acclaim and wins the Press Club Union Award. However, the industry becomes abound with rumours that "The World of Megumi" is entirely fictitious. The drama is worth watching for Shinobu Otake's performance alone, playing the passionate and vulnerable but defiant Hiroko.

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