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Special TV Dramas
Original Station:
Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Original Run:
9:03 p.m. to 10:52 p.m.
Thursday, April 18
Thursday Golden Drama
"Sunrise Home -A House in the Rising Sun-"
3BR, LR/DR/Kitchen, Near All Transportation, and Affordable,
Except No Sunlight whatsoever.
Takehiko Itami : Koji Yakusho
Yasuko Itami : Yuko Natori
Naoya Itami : Masaaki Oshiro
Mizuki Itami : Kaori Shimizu
Shuhei Kawakita : Daijiro Harada
Toshiyuki Fukazawa : Yoshihiro Kato
Kimie Fukazawa : Hairi Katagiri
Seiichi Ehara : Show Ryuzanji
Haruka Matsui : Ako Jissoji
Ehara's Staff : Hiroyuki Muto
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Script : Hisashi Nozawa
Producers : Tomoko Kobashi
Masao Takeuchi
Director : Yasuo Tsuruhashi
Music : Haruhiko Marutani
Production : Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Telepack Co., Ltd.
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One out of eighty was the odds of winning the right to move in to the newly constructed 20-story condominium "Sunrise Home." A couple who got lucky and won the lottery felt that they were in heaven until they found out that it was a mistake.
This family, however, ends up renting a room in the basement of the condominium. Although the room is in the basement, it is air-conditioned and an artificial light can render both sunrise and sunset in the room. The family moved in there thinking they will stay there until one of the rooms on upper levels becomes available. However, the wife starts to crave for sun and finds her relief in some other man and the husband as well as the children has not been well - the family is on the verge of breaking down.
This is a thriller-esque drama that portrays today's high-tech society. Koji Yakusho and Yuko Natori play the role of overwhelmed couple.

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