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Sep. 1997
"The Malice of Static"
Publisher : Kodansha Ltd.
Price (tax included) : 1,575 JPY
No. of Pages : 322
Size : Duodecimo
ISBN Code : 4-06-208863-0

Jul. 2000
"The Malice of Static"
Publisher : Kodansha Ltd.
Price (tax included) : 650 JPY
No. of Pages : 392
Size : Paperback
ISBN Code : 4-06-264907-1

Book Description

Winner of the 43rd Edogawa Rampo Prize, an award goes to the year's best mystery novel in Japan. This masterful suspense novel goes behind the scenes of TV news broadcasting.

Metropolitan Television news editor Yoko Endo believes there's no such thing as objective truth, and that the only way to reach a wide TV audience is through carefully manipulated images of one's subjective truth. Her boss is disgusted by her methods, but Yoko's ingenious use of montage footage and her sharp editing skills push up the program ratings. One day, Yoko receives a whistle-blowing video from someone named Haruna, an official at the Post and Telecommunications Ministry. The footage suggests that the recent death of a lawyer, supposed to have accidentally fallen from the Ministry building was in fact a murder in connection with corruption inside the Ministry.

Yoko edits the tape, and without her boss's okay, airs it. A Ministry official made to look suspicious by the tape claims that he's been framed by the show. Next it turns out there is no person named Haruna at the Post and Communication Ministry. Where did the tape come from and where does the truth lie? As Yoko searches, she falls into a trap of her own making.


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