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"Love-For the Second Time"
Publisher : Parco Publishing
Price (tax included) : 2,940 JPY
ISBN Code : 4-89194-680-6

Book Description

February 2003. The location is at an off-season Spanish-themed resort hotel in the main island of Okinawa. The story unfolds during a week at the "Sunset Bar," on the first floor of the main building of "Villa Yomitan."

It is February, the off-season in Okinawa. A man and a woman reunite by chance. The woman is a renowned screenwriter and the man, for those in the know, used to be a famous playwright.

He has been asked for his help in story-making from his former student. He has been requested to co-write a television drama that had been commissioned to the woman.
The deadline is in three days time, which is the duration of their hotel stay.
They choose "a heartbreaking story of reunited lovers" as their theme.
The two begin their collaborative writing at the "Sunset Bar."

The title of the drama is "Love ? now, once more"
The story that they weave overlaps with their own views on romance.
Very proud and professional, the two of them explode in their story-making.
They choose dialogues that are almost as if the writers themselves are feeling out each other’s rekindling romantic feelings.

- Which dialogues are fictional, and which are for real? -

They are both experts at creating romantic fictions, but are extremely awkward in real life romances.
You can make up fiction however you want, but you cannot make up reality.
The two writers let the characters narrate their personal stories...


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