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Hisashi Nozawa
One of Japan’s most successful scriptwriters of modern times, Nozawa’s work is loved and respected by both public and industry alike. Venice Film Festival Silver Lion winner and well-known living Japanese director Kitano (Beat) Takeshi chose a Nozawa script for his directorial debut - Sono Otoko Kyobo ni Tsuki (Violent Cop). Released from Argentina to Finland and Indonesia to the States, the multi-award winning Violent Cop went on to be acclaimed as a landmark of Japanese and world cinema. Countless Nozawa scripts have become repeat-screening TV drama series, attracting top casts, consistently breaking ratings records, and going on to be remade internationally.
1960: Born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
1982: Graduates in Film Studies from the Arts Department of Japanese National University.
1983: Received the 9th Kido prize
1985: Debuts as a script writer with Fuji TV drama series Koroshite,Anata(Kill Me,Darling),lollowed by numerous TV and film productions.
1997: Receives the 43rd Edogawa Rampo Prize with Malice, and the 4th Shimase Romance Literature Prize with Renai Jidai (Alone in Love) in the same year.
1999: Receives the 17th Kuniko Mukoda Prize for Television Dramas Kekkon Zenya (The night Before our Wedding) and Nemureru Mori (The Sleeping Forest).
2001: Receives the 22nd Yoshikawa Bungaku Shinjin Prize for Shinku (Crimson).
2005: Receives 29th Elan d’Or for the script of Toride Naki Mono (People Without Strongholds)
Television Productions
Shinai Naru Mono e (To My Beloved); Aoi Tori (L’oiseau Bleu); Kori no Sekai (The Inanimate World); Suiyo no Joji (A Wednesday Love Affair) and others.
Marilyn ni Aitai (I Want to Meet Marilyn); Sono Otoko Kyobo ni tsuki (Violent Cop); Last Song; Shinku (Crimson) and others.
Limit; Yohito; Mabue; Hitahitato; Ryuji 03-04; Futatabi no Koi (Love Affair); Koroshiya Shu (L’ecume Des Jours); Rekka no Tsuki (The Moon in a Fury) and others.
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